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Silly question, not one of us can possibly REALLY know the answer to this without making millions of sounds on each contender, lots of combinations per synth.

I'd rather aim for a synth that sounds awesome on the base tone and has enough features to make a wide range of sounds, you'll often only know this after owning said synth and using it in music. On paper you can easily say "synth X should do more than synth Y because it has 10 mod slots and 100 digital oscs + 64 analog oscs + 10 filters"... BUT some synths like that are so bad tonally, trying to cover such a range than a large portion of the possible sounds end up nigh on unusable (harsh, nasal, hollow, uninspiring, flat, generic etc).

Even without that you can't answer this question for the #1 best synth only general groups of synths like typically a deep digital synth should offer more variations but, again, does it mean they are any good? Variations on insipid crap don't count as 'range of sounds' in my world.
Well, when I was a teenager in a music store I bought an Emax II and sampled every synth in the store. Good first move. Your turn..