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Hi guys first time caller, longtime listener...

I have a home studio that I track and record rough demos for my band. I want to improve the audio quality of the vocals and decided to set up a vocal booth in a closet on the other side of the house. Its about a 100 ft run up through the attic and back down. In scanning through the threads for the last hour or so, it looks like there is little concern running a 100 foot xlr cable from the interface(scarlett 18i20) to the mic(shure sm7B) and running a 100 ft of headphone extension cable for monitoring. Am I right there? Any advice on finding a 100 ft headphone extension isnt finding anything that long, thinking about chaining together 4 25 foot headphone cable together. Just want to get it right before climbing around in my attic.
i re-wired all my headphones with XLR ends .. so i can use microphone cables as headphone extensions .. have sent signal about 75 feet .. 100 feet should be fine .. you might be able to use a piece of CAT5 and put XLR ends ..

and yes, then use a male xlr to TRS .. the headphone side - if you did NOT wish to re-wire your cans .. you could get the female TRS to female XLR for the headphone side and male XLR would connect to an XLR to TRS cable ..

it works fine .. i have never got any interference in a studio or home recording setup ... and in a big house stringing cable all over .. under the house too