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I feel bad for having paid so much money. This thing sounds horrible. Reminds me of a 90ies workstation synth. Just could not resist since I am such a fool for drum application. (Have/had ni abbey road, ad2,sd3,ssd5,battery,xo). Maybe I am missing something, but I am afraid I am not.
I would not call Modo Drum horrible. In many ways it's quite awesome - the ability to change drum depth, the drum heads, damping, snare tension, snare-head tension, number of snare wires, pitch and so on. The fact that the drum sounds are completely modelled and there are no samples involved is genuinely amazing, quite a feat of programming and development for sure.

BUT..... I'm not really blown away by it. To my ears, the drums are somewhat synthetic and artificial sounding, a sort of caricature of real drums. I played real drums for 20 years in various "weekend-warrior" bands so I kind of know how they should sound, their characteristics and so on. And Modo Drums just doesn't convey the sound that I expect, they're just a bit plasticy and, well, not real (which I suppose they aren't).

Having said that, I just went back to take another listen to Modo Drum and the bit I like least is the snare drums - the toms I actually like a lot, the kicks are good but the snares are just like 808s or something, very very synthetic, not at all convincing. I think if I mute the snare and use something else, I would actually enjoy Modo Drum much more. I'll give that a go soon and see how that pans out.

Originally Posted by ortega67 View Post
Can’t believe I payed 349 €. Kind of pi**ed of, sorry.
Man, I'm sorry to hear that, I think I ended up paying £150 after intro prices, jam points and VAT.

As a product, I like Modo Drum a lot. Its UI is easy to use, it has a whole bunch of useful features, the cymbals are pretty good, the choice of drums is huge and it loads quickly. But the snare drums are just meh.