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Old 16th November 2019
Here for the gear

This is live recording, with the idea of using it during future meditations or other similar sessions.

So, there are about ten bowls arranged in a semi-circle around the player, let's say six foot diameter... Do you think one LDC is sufficient for that, or is two better? The chimes are on a rack of six, in a line spanning four feet. The gong is next to them, and they are arranged behind the player. Then there is a keyboard that runs through DAW and to a monitor, which can be captured by any of the LDCs.

I recently listened to the track of the single omni boundary mike, and aside from being a little heavy on the gain, it sounded surprisingly good, considering it was just sitting on a carpet behind the player. I'm considering placing two BLCs on reflective surfaces next to the two LDCs as they were positioned in the last session, and see how they compare side by side. That will be this coming Tuesday.

Thursday we start a four day retreat that should see the instruments used daily, so I will try several of the concepts offered throughout this thread.

Thanks again to everyone for your time and considerations of this process.