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I do have a Dante card.
...My config tab showed PT HD when I first installed then went away when I updated Protools.
DadMan hasn't been the same since..
Couple of things:
How are things set up in the Sync page of DADman
The SS1 and SS2 you sent are the same as in my setup; you should see HD I/O #xx in the peripherals of you PT system.

I'm using an AX32, which is basically the same as the MTRX.

If you have communication issues between DADman and the MTRX and have a Dante card in the MTRX, the first thing I would suggest is taking out the Dante card and see if that changes things. I'm using the AX32 since 2017 and had intermittent issues with sudden communication drops between DADman and AX32, that were very difficult to investigate, because they would happen sometimes multiple times during a day and sometimes not during a week.
I have been in communication with DAD about this and they have been very helpful, but these sort of intermittent issues are difficult. At one point the Dante card came up in the discussion. When there is a bad contact or problem with the Dante card, all sorts of weird ethernet issues can happen. My dealer send me a spare Dante card to try and the weird issues went away (followed by another Dante issue, but that's another story). So you might try taking the Dante card out and see what happens.
Of course your problem could be completely different. Talk to your dealer and DAD. They will certainly help.