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Here for the gear

Phantom Power sending to all channels

Hey yall.
I just recently started having an issue with my system at the studio where if I send phantom power to any 1 channel, signal is sent to the other condensers and I see a 20 db jump on my meters on each channel. With a certain mic in particular (EV ND66) it jumps all the way to 0 and clips. I'm not only worried about ruining mics, but also other gear as well. Signal flow is as follows.

Wall input -> patchbay (normalled to apogee ensemble thunderbolt) -> Protools 12.

I should also mention that obviously no gain is applied until phantom power is sent to the mic.

I'm not using any outboard gear to test any potential problems to keep it as straightforward as possible. The only thing I can possibly think of is a bad ground somewhere in the patchbay or wall inputs?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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