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I will attempt to help you out. I am going to assume that you are using this as both a monitor device and pro tools interface.

It sounds like you are connected. You can verify this by going under the Device list window.

You need to set up a monitor Profile that matches the speaker layout in your room.

I have mine setup in the Conf tab as PT HD Mode: 2xPri, MTRX 32x32, MTRX 32x32
And sampling adapts to Pro Tools.

I am running a slightly out of date software/firmware combo on this, so the naming might have changed.

Have you tried any of the above?


Originally Posted by HoPMiX View Post
Any MTRX s6 guys out there? I posted this on DUC but no traction.
I have just added a MTRX to my set up.
Its a trashcan 12 core running 13.6
Latest protools.
latest HDX driver
Latest MTRX firmware
Latest dadman

I have a Magma TB2 3T chassis with 2 HDX cards.
I have no experience with the MTRX so im not sure whats normal and whats not.

when I open DADman it find the unit no problem. However in the configuration panel Its showing up as "digilink" . My options are to run primary 32x32
thats it. In all guides and all videos ive seen it shows up as Protools HD and you ahve the option to run it as HD i/o or 16x16.
In protools I go to hardware setup and it just says this device is managed by dadman.
In videos I can see that it shows up like a HD I/O and you can configure.

It will not send any signals out.

All cards installed say OK. Digitest runs fine as long as MTRX isn't attached. which is normal.
Opened a support case but Avid is pretty slow about helping.
Sweetwater doesn't really seem to be knowledgable or responsive in these situations.
Out of options.