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Video documenting audio recording sections

If appropriate in this forum I like to ask for advice, guidance, tips if possible
I have a modest but efficient audio recording project studio. We mostly audio recording collaborations among musicians.

Two Rock bands (Drums , Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Key, Vocal), A Jazz Trio, A few Vocal Songwriters. Nothing extraordinary other than one of the band that is a “World Music/Caribbean Rock” with heavy percussion.
We are performing musicians with recording projects at various level.

We have the necessity of doing some videos of the process of recording and perhaps simple B Rolls to add to the final video.
We do not intent to obtain a super quality/elaborated, advanced video result, our main target is audio. But we find out that our target audience enjoy and respond to this type of simple videos.

Creating this video content helps on our web presence and to promote events.
At the moment for photo/Video I have a Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera (The old one not the 4k), Canon SLRs EOS 5D and EOS 40D. Several lenses, Manfrotto tripod…. I have a basic hobbyist knowledge on photography. Also I can navigate Final Cut Pro and have an elementary color-correction knowledge.
So far I set the Blackmagic in a corner and go with our business of recording and then sync some of the resulting video to the recorded songs.

Now we like to do a little better and enhance with close-ups and some B rolls.
Considering we are not expert video/camera person I have been planning on buying a video camera: Easy to use, with fast auto focus that we can mount in a Gimbal Stabilizer (something like Zhiyun Crane 2 or similar).
I do not have sufficient knowledge to identify a moderate priced video camera for this purpose. The idea is that as we hand this rig to a newbie camera person in the live recording room to take some videos with minimal interference as we record audio. Meaning not huge video rig or super brilliant lights.

It looks like we need a decent small camera with a good lens (lenses?) that can work on less than ideal light conditions and some sort of Gimbal stabilizer mount to be able to record close-ups, simple interviews and outside B Rolls.

Recommendations really appreciated.

Thank you