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MTRX connectivity issue

Any MTRX s6 guys out there? I posted this on DUC but no traction.
I have just added a MTRX to my set up.
Its a trashcan 12 core running 13.6
Latest protools.
latest HDX driver
Latest MTRX firmware
Latest dadman

I have a Magma TB2 3T chassis with 2 HDX cards.
I have no experience with the MTRX so im not sure what's normal and what's not.

when I open DADman it finds the unit no problem. However, in the configuration panel Its showing up as "digilink" . My options are to run primary 32x32
that's it. In videos, I've seen it shows up as Protools HD and you have the option to run it as HD i/o or 16x16.
In ProTools I go to hardware setup and it just says this device is managed by dadman.
In videos, I can see that it shows up as a HD I/O and you can configure.

It will not send any signals out.

All cards installed say OK. Digitest runs fine as long as MTRX isn't attached. which is normal.
Opened a support case but Avid is pretty slow about helping.
Sweetwater doesn't really seem to be knowledgable or responsive in these situations.
Out of options.

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