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The Distressor has a Tubescreamer kind of sound to my ears. I modded mine and that sound is gone. Now they rule!

I am interested in a 1178. Any of you guys have thoughts on a 1178 compared to a 160vu? Thoughts on differences and similarities. I have used plenty of 1176's and dbx units. I just haven't ever used a 1178.
1178 is nothing like a 160 VU.
It is much faster and more aggressive.
Less subtle and more grabby.
Cool on bass, drums, vocals, guitars.....
Very versatile.

If you like Urei 1176's you will like the 1178.
They are very similar.
I have a D, an F and an 1178.
I did a shootout with them and was kind of surprised at how similar they sound.
I am not saying they sound the same, there are differences, but they are very similar in their compression action and general vibe.