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What I used to do is make a shelf on top of my desk for my computer monitor, and monitor speakers, and then put rack spaces to hold the shelf up. This would be 3-4 spaces, and I could fit 2 wide. Then I had the opportunity to use 6-8 rack units, but only 2-4 were really all that accessible. I would just rack things I didn't touch much, and things that made sense being in the center, like a headphone amp, because my rack is typically to the opposite side I would want to record vocals or instruments.

It would be very easy to do the same idea, with no shelf, and just add some height to a computer monitor, as mentioned earlier, but actually make a small rack. Racks are super easy to build, you really only need to be able to cut wood in a straight line, some high end racks incorporate some intricate word working techniques but most you would buy at Guitar Center are simply particle board screwed together with a black laminate or carpet.

One other idea, which is essentially the same, is get a flight case, and use that as a stand for something, while allowing you to protect your gear if you travel. IMO, this is actually a better idea if you have less equipment, but only one piece of gear, not so much. I considered doing this for an interface, preamp, and compressor, but don't record much when I travel, I typically make MIDI based things, but if that was all I had, then I would definitely do this.