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Reaper would work fine, and the Abbey Road plugin will work alrightish for verification. A trial of Halo Upmix might be a good one to try for generating the 5.1

The best is still to monitor on a 5.1 system, even if it's a ****ty one. You're looking at overall balance.

In case all fails and last resorts are all you have, try this: You need your original mix session for this. You'll need stem outputs for dialogue without reverbs, dialogue reverbs, music and lastly effects.

Route your dialogue reverbs and effects to L/R, the dialogue to CENTER, music to L/R and a bit in to Ls/Rs.
Now grab a REFERENCE 5.1 mix and subject it to the dumbest downmixing, which is L/R to Left/Right of your stereo field, C-3dB to both Left and Right, Ls/Rs to left and right. That's basically a LoRo.

Compare to your mix and make light adjustments of stem levels until you're happy. Reverify 5.1 with the Abbey Road headphone plugin.

To be honest, I'd rather verify on a $100 gaming 5.1 set than just stereo. I wouldn't mix everything on them, but a 5.1 from balanced stereo stems is definitely in the cards in a pinch.

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