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I want a fully knobby FM synth. 1 knob per function with 4 layers for FM. Akemies Castle with ADSRs and LFOs
One knob per function on a 6- or 8- op FM synth is probably overkill, but the most important sound design controls on the front panel, perhaps on a per-operator level might be good enough. I can live with going one level deeper for less used parameters, BUT JUST ONE LEVEL OK YAMAHA!!

Ahem. I would have bought a MODX by now if it didn't have that screen interface and all that tedious screen-prodding modifying one parameter at a time.

Digital rotary encoders / sliders with LED position indicators are a must, so that the settings of the current panel controls can be viewed instantly. Like on the Hydrasynth, but with slightly higher res lights on the controls. I don't want to have to touch the control to find out the current value (that's aimed at you, Novation!).