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I frequently read about comparisons of various synths in nitpicking fashion, however there's lot less talk about sequencers. For me sequencers are the most important thing for getting a certain sound, much more important than absolutely correct square wave shape.

What is your way of using sequencers?
There is no one key , its a long list of things that contribute to its creation both technically and mentally and also emotionally.

Regards sequencers they each have strengths and encourage different kinetic energy in music i found , i found ableton instantly gave my tracks more flow and phrasing variation but equally others offered other qualities , Hardware sequencers are one aspect of it and its why i work with multiple sequencers each for their natural qualities and the results they effortlessly achieve that the others could do but do not naturally easily do through design.

A piano roll offers things hardware does not , its just knowing how to utilise these tools .