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Old 15th November 2019
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I’ve had experience with the KV2 EX6, EX10, EX12, EX1.2 and EX2.2. I’ve also spent some time trying out the bigger Yamaha DZR12. From my personal experience with these products the KV2 stuff is in a completely different league! I would definitely add a sub or two with the EX10’s though.
I’ve heard the EX6’s plus a single EX1.2 sub at a few events that had around 150+ people and couldn’t believe the fidelity and power this tiny system produced. The engineer had a fully miked drum kit, 5 string bass guitar, 2x keys, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and 4 vocalists. The sound was astonishingly big and the separation and clarity was wonderful. Also, the system was turned down to less than 50% of what it’s capable of! The EX10’s plus dual EX1.2 had a very similar tone to the smaller EX6 system but noticeably more power and the EX12 plus dual EX2.2 had way more power than I could imagine needing for any of my work.