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Old 15th November 2019
got it all working with LAN now as well. Regular LAN cable (I have a hunch that the cross-over cable is actually for connecting two PC's via LAN).

Issue with mine was that the X Air Edit app on the PC was sending the changes over to the XR (using wi-fi) as in me trying to set it to DHCP mode, but for some reason the setting just didn't "take"...even though it was tried several times and the app indicated success! another user at music tribe also echoed this behaviour!

I had an old Netgear N600 dual band which I am using short term while I try to find something more compact - maybe something like .

Anyhoo onward and upward - I also need to investigate the huge iPhone battery drain using an App called Mixing Station with the XR over wifi! Bout 15-17% an hour.