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My recommendation is that you will require a column array with multiple beams in order to properly balance the energy from front to back. I recently did a similar room to the one you are describing and my solution was to use a pair of Renkus-Heinz IC16-RN column arrays with PN212-SUB-RN dual 12" subwoofers. This provides a reasonably full-range system for the anticipated program material and can handle the throw distance you describe depending on particulars, placement, number of beams utilized, angle of the beams set in the software, and appropriate output shading.

There is also the advantage that they are available in white at no additional cost which may or may not matter for the aesthetics of your project.

There are several other advantages related to cost and functionality of this design in that with a proper network switch and long range wireless router you eliminate the need for external power amplification, DSP processing, major equipment rack expense, etc.

For the system I described I utilized a Cisco SG350-10MP-K9 switch with an Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR-US long-range router.

To verify such a system will work for your project, download the free version of EASE Focus 3.x. It contains definition files for the Renkus-Heinz products and will allow you to quickly and easily model the room and set/adjust beams, quantity of beams desired, origination point of beams from the column, etc in order to verify coverage and your application.

For a room such as the one your describe there is really only one other option which is a point/source system with distributed delays. The cost, intelligibility factor, installation simplicity, aesthetic impact probably all point to the column array as the preferred solution depending on the architectural and program use details.