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Firstly - if it's ok, we'll decide what belongs in high end thanks!

Secondly - forget hard drive space, who buys downloads en masse anymore. If something is going to take off, it has to work for streaming.

I think you paint an absolute best case scenario, assuming everyone aside from us engineer types cares about audio quality, and aren't happy listening to crappy phones and bluetooth speakers - but it'd certainly be a good thing to have the option. "Customers like it better" - I don't think most will notice or care unfortunately.

One might hope that at the least, it makes hi-res streaming worth it for those who want to make it available, and not such a niche option.

I'm not arguing from the point of view of what I'D like, more from what I think the masses will want. Can't think like a muso when the target audience isn't (in general).
I only now saw this thread -- I'm about six weeks late -- and I'm already trying Amazon HD lossless.

As much as I'm enjoying it -- and ironically a good pal just comped me into his Tidal Lossless family plan [but I HATE the Tidal player (or the Tidal player as it existed last week; today add-to-queue and play-next are both on appropriate rt-click context menus AND working more as I would have originally expected. But it was def messed up when I wrote this post!] -- I have to agree with psycho_monkey: I just don't think there's popular interest in this -- nor would such interest really make that much sense, perhaps, since most folks, do, indeed, listen on quite inferior gear.

I posted in FB about my exploration of Amazon Lossless and the response was profoundly underwhelming, despite the fact that most of my FB friends are musicians.

But, anyhow, I see the conversation here has moved on to advanced data compression codecs for higher sample rate content, a topic I find less compelling, though it's no doubt fascinating when you get into it.

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