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Thanks. I think that is good advice. There is always the pressure to succumb to what I always think of as 'golf club syndrome' - where golfers are convinced that just buying a more expensive set of clubs will make them a better player! The same is true in the music world.

I think what we have decided to do is to replace the antiquated 24 channel mixer with a much more compact modern 12 or 16 channel one. If band members want to invest in IEM that's up to them, but we will generally stick to the floor monitors where we can.

Basically I think we just need to carry on the way we are with what we've got - but to do it better!

Thanks for the advice, both

Sounds like a great idea. If you do replace your mixer, look for a used digital one - the ability to have parametric EQ and dynamics on each channel is great. I started with a 1202, then upgraded to a 1402, then a 1642 with a rack of gear - then bought a used 01v. It was a PITA to learn, but cut down the gear to just the mixer. I then upgraded to a Mackie DL1608 since I already had an iPad, and now I own that, and have sold off the rest - sub, giant snake, etc. All were bought used except for the original 1202, which was also my recording mixer at the time.