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Our bassist strongly prefers to strum chords (with his nails) when we record. It's challenging to capture a pleasant sound in the recording phase, and challenging to mix into the song as well.
As a bassist myself, the only time i played chords on the bass is when it was needed for that part. Example: The song 'smoking in the boys room' has the bass play a power chord every so often in the verse part. it goes great with the song.

Ware I'm getting at and this goes for every instrument in the band, If someone is playing a part that doesn't fit in the song, then you need to be straightforward with that person. Honesty and truth is the way to go.
If he still insist and playing chords with his long nails on the bass, have the band take a vote and get him out of there.

Why would you want all your songs compromised by a bass payer wanting to be a guitarist? That's my take!!