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Originally Posted by GarLander View Post
And I will quit here, after I spended thousands and thousands of dollars for software, that is maybe not working tomorrow anymore.

I go back to hardware. Thanks. It sounds better anyway.

From now on, I will not buy any music software.
I already got annoyed when updating other software with costs and then always something isn’t working ...,
I invested much in hardware from the beginning, have Top sounding units and can sell whenever I want, works with every DAW/Mac OS.... I rely on plugins only if I have to, like meter plugs tools or stuff where there is no HW counterpart.
Also UAD might go the subscription way in the future, who knows, and suddenly you have to update and then there is no way back...

On the other hand, technology evolves and upgrading is part of the process in any area of life, sooner or later. Life is expensive

I’ll try to avoid subscriptions as long as possible