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At least I'll use the URS in FL Studio. I surprisingly edit all my vocals in FL Studio. Probably rare these days. I was checking the pensado place where Louis Bell said he used the URS strip still on vocals(I used to use it a long time ago) and so I bought it. When it comes to vocal compression, more is better in my books lol.
The leap from 5 to 10 is huge, you might feel lost at the beginning specially with the new Mixconsole. You can change the color scheme in Cubase to a lighter blue which will help you transition. With VariAudio 3 (as mentioned) you will not miss Autotune. You can start by installing the 64 bit version of your plug-ins and if they do not have one, you could use J-bridge (this only works if you are using a PC) while you transition to a full 64bit environment.

Also, with the Cubase 10 license you can install and run any previous versions.
Yes, starting with fresh preferences is also a good idea.

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