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Hi SteDal,

Thanks for your fast reply! I’m sorry if I was not clear about the installation procedure I followed. I did not install Mantis2 manually like my other N4 libraries – which are indeed all installed as in the old days with Nebula 3. I installed Mantis2 automatically with Aquarius as you suggest and I did give Aquarius the correct path of my n4temprepository. Just to make sure that what I did was correct I just installed the Titaniumbasstard as N4 library using exact the same settings as I used in Aquarius for the Mantis2 installation. Titaniumbasstard installed correct and Cubase did not blacklist its dll’s in my Aquaplugins folder.

The bug which makes N4 Aqua’s loose their settings on re-opening a project is indeed also there with Titaniumbasstard! Could you explain the difference between this format and the N4 format. Is there any benefit in using the one or the other? If there’s not I could get rid of the setting bug by installing the vst2 version and uninstall the N4 version.

Thanks for looking into this minor problem (Mantis2 does work, and very well too!) even if it is not saving its settings and getting blacklisted by Cubase – which is rather baffling…

All the best,
Roeland, please let me understand a thing: what do you mean by "N4/VST2 version"?

I'm asking you because AFAIK the so-called N4-x64 installation is the 'normal' way to install an Acqua library, which you can find in the regular N4 program browser under the 'Acqua Library or Effect' tab.
This kind of file format doesn't need to be scanned and enabled by Cubase or any other DAW. It's an entry within the N4 browser.
Then you may install the same library as 'N4 VST2 (or3)-x64'. This is a regular VST format and as such it's scanned and listed in your DAW as a separate entry in the VST plug-in window.

So I need to get this thing right first, before attempting a solution...

And re: the lost setting at reload time, as I wrote you yesterday, just try to rollback N4 version to N000 (Aquarius, Update tab). It should solve the problem.