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I don't think Behringer's QC is any worse than the other synth manufacturers at this point, and it's probably better than Arturia and Novation for example. Novation has gotten better in recent years, but I remember they had a LOT of problems with faulty pitch benders, touch pads, and bad keys on their synths a few years back. Arturia's record is so spotty that it dissuaded me from ever buying a MiniBrute, even though I originally wanted one.

My impression is that the problem back then had more to do with Asian manufacturing difficulties than with design. The specifications and QC for electronics manufacturing in recent years (Asian and elsewhere) have gone WAY up in recent years, owing in large part to the proliferation of more specialized and sophisticated cellphone, semiconductor, and LCD/LED manufacturing. Behringer's Music Tribe campus in China is now by all accounts just as advanced and reliable as other similar Asian ventures.