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Produce Like a Pro... WTF gives, Warren?

I truly love the work Warren’s done on his YouTube channel, but, have noticed a definite turn of late away from the detailed “how to” content towards a more unboxing, “review” and giveaway marketing/advertising channel. This bums me out. Not because I feel personally cut off from Yoda or anything; rather, that I feel it deprives the youngsters from a valuable resource. I suppose they can dig deep on the old vids...

*Also, for the love of all which is holy, what in the hell is the deal with the synergy cross-promotion with Glenn Fricker? First, with all of the cats in Los Angeles in Warren’s Rolodex I don’t get why he chose to import Fricker from Canada... is fricker’s YouTube channel so big that it brings THAT many eyeballs to Warren’s business? Aside from that, unable/prevented to do his cursing schtick, Warren’s vids with Fricker look like a hostage videos, or like Warren was forced to bring his wife’s super awkward nephew who’s “really into music, too” to work that day.

Super weird and awkward, right??? What does Warren get from this partnership?

*Full disclosure: Fricker bugs me. A lot. I don’t “get” him at all. The entirety of his professional signature appears to be his fondness for saying f*ck, a lot.

And, yes, I’m aware that I’m an elitist c#nt for writing this I suppose... but, I truly dig Warren and I respectfully think this stuff cheapens his brand. Fricker, on the other hand, just smells like a know it all jackass who works at Guitar Center and can f^ck off back to Canada and continue recording local metal bands.

Rant complete.

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