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I agree completely re: expense for getting set up on this... Both of you guys are correct, and that's one reason why I was trying to keep the individual costs lower for mikes and interfaces. Which can be completely disastrous, and the couple hundreds of dollars saved almost always leaves one with a pile of, well, you know...

That said, I'm wondering if perhaps I am better getting two more AT 4040s (or something better that may be recommended on here) and staying with the Zoom F4 for recording until I get a better feel and understanding of what is going on. The Zoom will give me four separate tracks to attenuate at will. Would spreading four mikes strategically provide for better capture/blending/mixing of the sound, or do you feel that two higher quality mikes like the Aston Starlights will be just fine once I find the right positioning? I don't mind getting it wrong a few times to finally get it right.
4 mics give you options. It really depends on how you approach things. 4 mics arranged around one instrument are likely to cause phase issues; 4 mics split into a close and ambient stereo pair less so. Kind of like a drum kit.

If you like the 4040s, nothing wrong with sticking with them.