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We are sorry to hear you feel this way. If you would like, you could pass your comments and feedback to the team to see what suggestions they have to help get you to where you want to be with MODO DRUM. They can also pass your comments to the proper persons to be looked into. Below is their contact link. Outside of contacting our team directly, I could offer some direct help. Feel free to shoot me a PM.

From what we've been hearing from users and reviewers (like Ask Audio, Sound Bytes, Professional Audio and others) alike is that MODO DRUM offers excellent sounds. Check out this quote from our most recent review from Keys magazine.

Click here for the full article.
Thanks Ryan for chiming in ! I totally respect you stand behind your company. I have read some of the reviews you mentioned by the way.
But as a customer, who payed a premium price for a product I was expecting much more than what was delivered. I have drum software half the price, that in my humble opinion is better than modo. I understand no product is perfect and customers have different expectations and applications. But seldom I was so disappointed by such an expensive piece of software. If it had been 99€ - well I had said "**** happens ....."