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XO is great. For acoustic drums I have been a loyal AD2 user since 2006. I love its ease of use and clear layout. But admittedly compared to SD3 it sounds like a recording from a smartphone. I work pretty hard to get SD3 into my workflow, I don’t really need 107 microphones and such a silly amount of reverb, but I am learning my way around. If you like punchy rock sounds, that do not need much more processing, take a look at ssd5. GUI dated and installation complicated, but still worth a shot imo.
Modo drum sound artificial to me and the reverb is super cheap. There are unpleasant resonances on the kit pieces, That make me want to turn off the speakers. Can’t believe I payed 349 €. Kind of pi**ed of, sorry.
We are sorry to hear you feel this way. If you would like, you could pass your comments and feedback to the team to see what suggestions they have to help get you to where you want to be with MODO DRUM. They can also pass your comments to the proper persons to be looked into. Below is their contact link. Outside of contacting our team directly, I could offer some direct help. Feel free to shoot me a PM.

From what we've been hearing from users and reviewers (like Ask Audio, Sound Bytes, Professional Audio and others) alike is that MODO DRUM offers excellent sounds. Check out this quote from our most recent review from Keys magazine.

You can say without exaggeration that IK Multimedia has achieved a breakthrough. To date, no-one else has managed to reproduce the complex sound behaviour of percussion instruments so realistically and in such a detail in real time. The sound quality, in combination with the great range of setting options, which really allow for in-depth fine tuning, makes MODO DRUM the absolute top choice. A big thumbs up for the MODO DRUM!

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