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12 to 16 mics and the ancillary cables (and stands) is a large expenditure in itself, and also requires a large expenditure for an adequate interface and/or mixer.
I don’t claim any particular expertise in this area, so I’m curious why these ensemble collections of instruments can’t be miked with a higher quality (and more expensive) stereo pair and a few spot mics.

I would recommend a pair of the Aston Starlight small/medium diaphragm microphones. They are my current favorites on just about every source. So feel free to factor in whatever fan-boy enthusiasm you detect.
The Starlights have exceptionally good shock mounts, a stereo bar, and multiple low pass and voicing settings to adjust the microphone to the particular task. They have spot lasers to help in positioning the mics, especially useful if you are repeating live setups in different venues. Their tumbled stainless steel barrels and sintered metal bead heads are exceptionally rugged.
What’s not to like?