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Old 13th November 2019
Here for the gear

Best 12"/3" FOH speakers: RCF vs Meyer vs L'Acoustics

I'm thinking about investing about 4K in new pair of FOH for audience, say 300. So far I'm using RCF NX45 and in general happy with them, but they have just a little too harsh sound that extremely difficult to fix with EQ. Say, my RCF TT-08 sound better, in my taste. So war my choices:
Obvious RCF TT22II - new with all DSP tricks - say, $2400
Meyer UPJ (old, but classic) - in good shape on eBay, same $2,500
L'Acoustics, say X12 - pricey, I can only afford used, so far can't find LA4 amp, most of used gear is in Europe. $2000 plus 2-3 grands on amp
Please advice