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So basically, I'm wondering if it's possible to have the PC host everything and my iMac running Logic Pro X pull from that as a networked computer. ...
I'll take a shot at offering some useful commentary:

If you're satisfied with the ~110MBytes/sec throughput that you're getting across gigabit Ethernet now, then there aren't any new surprises that await you as you expand the quantity of SMB shares on your network.

Only the lower latency of SSD's compared to HDD's remains as a benefit over a 1-gigabit network connection, so the cost per terabyte in HDD's may be a much more cost-effective approach to hosting the music samples.

If are implying that "have the PC host everything" includes having the audio project wave files created/recorded across the network, I surmise that it won't work at all. [It's intriguing enough for me to attempt a test of this concept, but I can't try it this week. ] From the little I've learned about the way DAWs tend to interact with the disk I/O, I suspect the time constraints are too tight for network extension of the primary recording/playback of projects.

If I do the testing, it'll be on a 10GbE link, so that will answer the question of whether a Thunderbolt2-to-10GbE adapter would be something to consider for your implementation. Sonnet makes one for $200USD. There are plenty of 10GbE NICs available for the PC side on eBay for less than $60USD.

EDIT: Never mind. I won't be doing the testing. Apple has warned us away from using shared network volumes:
[ ]
- Audio files might not be edited in the Audio File Editor.
- Fades might not be created or updated.
- Playback may stutter or have other issues.

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