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Old 13th November 2019
Here for the gear

Thank you for the informative response.

I only asked for a referral because I moderate a few boards myself, and when there's heavy traffic, such as here, if a thread doesn't get activity for a day or so, it usually dies. So I wasn't expecting anything from anyone, I just didn't want to keep posting and getting no substantive responses and bother you all. If there wasn't going to be a response, I had no problem taking the question elsewhere.

And I appreciate that you googled on my behalf. I googled for forty five hours before posting, and ten or twelve after, but having little knowledge on the topic doesn't measure up to someone who has actually used the equipment, and that's why I asked, and why this is in the newbie subform. So I apologize if you think I came in here cold and wanted others to do my research for me, or was impatient, but that isn't the case.

Thanks again for the response.