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That really is a spectacular plugin. It's incredible how good every single module seems to sound in it.

If I was giving advice to a novice starting out, that for some reason was shopping for plugins, I think buying Scheps Omni Channel would really almost do it. Talk about a budget mixing setup!

You could use your DAW's stock delay, reverb, limiter, whatever. Do all your mixing across the board with Omni Channel. For $30 it would be a serious upgrade to the power of a stock DAW.

I mixed a track a while back using only omni and I was stunned at how good it sounded. It's really that good. Since then, I use it when I need a quick fix without reaching for a handful of separate plugins.

Most of the time I use a million other plugins just because I want to and I already own them. It's a life of luxury, keeps it interesting. Not, however, really necessary.
The one thing I want to read about in Wave’s next announcement..

“Scheps Omni, now with buckets!!”