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Okay, considering the level of activity in this discussion board and the rsponse I received, I get it.

Can someone recommend another discussion board where the members are more likely to engage a post such as mine?
ok, patience - we don't owe you anything!

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Thank you for the response!

So, my question is, can I get an interface for twelve mikes for three to five hundred dollars? If so, or if not, what specific units are recommended? I have a Focusrite 2i2 that I used the a few years ago to record the bowls with a MacBook Pro. So is a bigger unit like that what I want? Is 3rd gen going to be that much better for my purposes than 2nd gen?
That's a bit on the low side. Assuming US$, and doing some googling on your behalf,

has 8 mic ins. most interfaces will be either 8 or then jump to 16. might work for you - you'd need a tablet to control it, but it's got enough IO for you. Have to say I'm surprised how cheap it is!

You would need to be prepared to do all control via the tablet though - including main volume.

Also, when you say I will compromise by using a mixer to feed into two or four channels, what is it that I am sacrificing- control, or quality, or what? I ask because while on retreats, I will be recording discussions and conferences as well, so it would be nice to minimize the equipment I bring and use.
Control AND quality - you'd be submixing mics on location, so you're stuck with your balances and mix there. Far better (especially when inexperienced) to record first and balance later.

Lastly, does anyone have suggestions for mikes on these instruments?
small diaphragm condensers in your price bracket would be my first suggestion, but I've never recorded them so I couldn't say! Maybe Rode NT5s? or for a more ambient sound, large diaphragm condensers a bit further back.