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Originally Posted by gsc1ugs View Post
If you had the choice which would you go for - yamaha DZR10 OR kv2 EX10?

the spl is lower on the ex10 so i need to know which i should go for with audiences of 150-300

I own Ex10's and tried extensively dzr10's.
Ex10's are true hi end speakers with unparalleled clarity and dynamic, but they have a relatively poor representation in the bass region. With a Kv2 sub they are stellar.
DZR10 is a very good MI speaker for a great price. Obviously there is not the clarity, the dynamic and the balancing of the ex10, but It is a bit more powerful than the ex10 with an extended low end, until 50 hz. At extreme spl sound is still cohesive, not in the ex10 league, but still good.