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Your Mackies are reasonably flat down to 50 Hz. Crossing into a sub at 100 or 120 is wasting a lot of the money you spent on these main speakers. The 80hz crossover on the JBL sub seems to match well with your Mackies and will extend your bass down into the 30s, which should give you a clearer picture of a five string bass or a big kick.
As to the sub being quiet, the JBL has a lot of adjustment range, as do your Mackie, so matching levels should be a problem you can solve.

The most common mistake in adding a sub to studio monitors is turning the sub way up “so you can hear it”. That’s OK if you are just listening for pleasure or gaming. If you are mixing, you should set the sub up with REW or some similar program to be FLAT, not hyped. Flat may be a little disappointing, because it won’t hype the bass you already have (and your Mackies have a lot). The sub should just fill in an octave you don’t have.