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Old 13th November 2019
Looking to expand my studio gear... need help

Hello All,

I've been getting more and more into recording/mixing over the past year. I really love it, and would like to eventually make a living doing it. I currently have a little over $2,000 saved up to spend on new equipment and could use some advise on what to invest it in next, or to keep saving for something(s) more worthwhile.

Here is my current set up:

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Presonus Digimax D8 (to expand my 18i20 with ADAT)
Behringer headphone amp

Ableton live 10 (no outside plugins yet)

Adam A7 monitors

Rode NT1a, Shure PGA drum mic kit, Shure beta 52a, couple sm57, heil pr22, MXL v63m

The main room I record in is decent. A large room with about 12' high cathedral ceilings, but unfortunately it's carpeted. Luckily my recording setup is quite portable so I can record in other locals. I'm currently building some Roxul insulation panels, and bass traps to treat the room.

I have access to a lot of gear and microphones, as I work for an instrument retailer and can barrow used equipment (tons of guitars, amps, etc. but not a lot of recording gear). I also get a good discount on gear.

I am thinking I should invest in some good drum overheads, Upgrading to an Apollo 8p interface (or maybe a good mic pre that can connect to my 18i20, but I'm worried the conversion in the 18i20 is what is hurting me the most), and also the Slate Digital subscription for plugins.

Let me know what you think would be the most beneficial to invest in next. Also, let me know if you think I can produce top quality recordings with the gear I already have/have access to (I'm aware I have A TON to learn).


PS - I'll be mainly recording bands (guitars, keys, drums, vocals etc.)