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But surely that happens with no mater what device you are using, yes? And I have read that these smartphones pretty much ignore any wi-fi signal that is secured by even if the room's phones area searching your secured one is pretty much okay.....unless I have misunderstood what was written?

In any case I am going to get a 5g router, just as it seems a smart thing to do
It doesn't happen as much with external routers/access points.

Analogy time: Say you're getting ready for a gig in an empty auditorium. You, on stage, call out in a loud indoor voice--no microphone--to the sound tech at the back of the room to ask for more of yourself in the monitors. (That's pretty much always the request, isn't it?) In the empty room, the sound tech hears you and takes appropriate action.

Now imagine the same sort of situation, but this time there's a large crowd of people chit-chatting among themselves and getting seated. Your voice from the stage probably would get lost in the ambient noise. However, if you asked your friend the classically trained opera singer to make the same request, your friend perhaps could make themselves heard over the din thanks to greater projection and volume.

The built-in wireless is like a soft-voiced crooner. The external access point is more like the opera singer. An unauthorized connection to either one would be more akin to some random person from the audience walking up to the sound guy and saying you said to turn yourself way way down in the monitors. That could be a problem, but the more likely and common difficulty is just noise.