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Been there, done that. Until you get to venues with 100+ people, keep it simple and use your PA for vocals and maybe keys. If he/she hasn't, make the keyboard player buy a powered monitor as their keyboard amp and monitor. And unless you have subs, don't bother micing the kick. Usually most drummers in a bar don't have a problem being heard - it's usually to keep their level down as you're only as quiet as your drummer...

Mixing from stage really is hard, and trying to mix everyone through a mixer without then spending money on better speakers and subs becomes Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Work on getting the stage volume right with dynamics and level, and add vocals/keys on top. You'll have more fun playing and less time trying to mix and play bass.

Also if you minimize what's going through the PA, monitoring can then be through floor monitors for vocals. If the ones you have are too big, you can upgrade later to powered monitors like a DZR10 or QSC K10.

From someone who's gone and tried, don't waste your money. Enjoy playing out instead.