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Old 12th November 2019
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Upgraded to El Capitan now Pro Tools 11 won't launch?

Hello, kinda freakin out...

I have Pro Tools 11 with an iLok 2 that has all of my licenses on it. I recently upgraded to Mac OS El Capitan and now my Pro Tools 11 will not launch. What is the best method for me to fix this? I bought Pro Tools 10/11 as a hard copy about 6 years ago from Guitar Center. I am up for doing the monthly subscription with Avid for $29.99/per month, I am just confused on which version I need to get and how to do this.

Can someone help walk me through the steps so I don't mess anything up? I have invested a lot of money into my plug-ins from tons of companies and I am in the middle of recording sessions. Will the new version of Pro Tools still read my Pro Tools 11 .ptx files and work with my iLok 2?

I am a really bummed about upgrading my OS. My MacBook Pro is from around 2014/2015 I think, and still works great otherwise.

Thanks a million,