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the cue mixer is almost always a separate application

you might be able to get to it though the 'setup' menu of your DAW

yes I am hearing a little echo
if it is the cue app, bear in mind that the echo you are hearing is your DAW. The cue mixer is faster than the DAW, it has a lower latency. The first sound is the mic, the echo of that mic is your DAW coming from behind. That's why I suggested you learn how to use the cue mixer - it has lower latency.

Do a search on your computer for Focusrite or Claret and maybe you can find the app that way. You can mute the tracks and listen to it through the DAW only- but with latency.

The DAW is a focusrite USB Claret pre 4,
the Focusrite Claret is your interface not your DAW. Your box that you plug your mics into is called an interface.

Your DAW is the program that you record into. Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One whatever.

the cue mixing app - if you have one - is a separate program. Though it may look a lot like your DAW's mixer window. But it only controls the volume of the live mics.

loujudson's suggestion that your software may be set to Input Monitor is also a good possibility, so look up how to turn that on and off in your program