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I don't know your interface, but many interfaces have a cue-monitoring app. This will give the performer the lowest-latency foldback from the microphone back the the headphones without going "through" the DAW. Typically you use this during tracking and you mute the DAW tracks that are recording so you don't get that 'echo' effect.

Check to see if your interface has such an app and if it is engaged. It usually looks like a little mixer, similar to the mix window of your DAW. When you do finally arm the track, are you hearing an echo? That would indicate a second 'version' of the microphone is getting to the cans. The early one being the interface and the late one being the DAW round-trip.

Other interfaces have a hardware dial. In one direction, you are monitoring the mic on input and in the other direction you hear the DAW. You can hear the mic even if the track is not armed, and this is good. In such a case, you would probably leave the dial somewhere in the middle for tracking. And again mute the DAW channels for the mics you are recording, so you don't hear them twice. Then unmute them for playback.

If "this" is indeed a cue monitoring app, you should not want to "stop" it. But you should learn how to use it.
Thank you for your valued reply and offering to help me, yes I am getting a little echo it's as though there is something in the background, just as you said. and it's affecting my sound when I go through my line 6 HX stomp processor.then into my DAW. I need it off as I track to my previously recorded tracks.The DAW I have is a Focusrite Clarett USB pre 4, I havnt been in the settings since initial set up, I have looked today there is no app and I havnt downloaded any. I must of clicked on something on the arrangement window, or a menu , or a tab which on studio one , some are very tiny. I also use a Presonas faderport ,and there is nothing on that I could have disturbed,, and I cannot see any icon that looks like a mixer. also I keep getting the red arm button apearing on various tracks automatically.. I hope you can identify the issue , as a beginner novice it's beyond me, and thanks you again for your support kind regards Stephen