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You can feed one aux to both a wireless monitor transmitter and a wired headphone amplifier with a Y cable. A simple headphone amp is rather less expensive than a wireless in-ear receiver. (With the wireless gear, you trade having cables everywhere for having to change or recharge lots of batteries.)

The main reason I suggested the X18 was to work with the P16-M monitor mixers. If you provide one of them for each person, everyone can have their own stereo monitor mix without using any aux busses from the main mixer. In any event, to have in-ear monitors be of all that much use, it's very helpful to have more or less individualized mixes available. I can't really say why, but in my (admittedly fairly limited) experience it's more important to have a good monitor mix when that's basically all you can hear, and what's good for one person is not so good for another. That boils down to having a bunch of auxes devoted to monitors, if done with a standard traditional analog mixer or something that approximates one.

A pretty good, pretty readily available, and not too physically huge analog mixer which might be suitable is the Allen & Heath MixWhiz 16:2, which has had a few different revisions over the years. It shouldn't be too terribly difficult to find a used one with a bit of searching for a quite reasonable price. If memory serves they have eight aux sends. No matter what you do, it's not going to be especially inexpensive to get set up for halfway decent in-ear monitors.