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We can say it again, just get it going with an external router and everything will become simple again.

You've finally got the internal AP working. A handy tool but you've already discovered that, simple as it is, it's very opaque to debug.

Now you're trying to make it work on an existing LAN. I had loads of trouble with this. And, even now that it's all working for me, I often have to have one or two tries to connect it up, again, flicking the network switch away from LAN and back again. But I'll sometimes put up with this limitation at home, as I'm too lazy to get out its external router - hardly difficult, though.

You really just need to trust what *everyone* is telling you and just get the external router set up - everything suddenly becomes easier and faster - and reliable.

The internal AP is build as cheaply as possible, but is also built to be globally certified. This means it's the lowest common denominator of all global standards, including its power. If you're in the US, then it means that an external router will have more power. Yes, you can set up an external router more securely than WEP, but that's not the main reason.

More importantly, what you *will* discover, sooner or later, is exactly what 2manyrocks said - it'll work fine in soundcheck, then you'll lose the connection to it when punters come in.

You're welcome to follow the line of trying to use the internal AP and just make it work. Just please don't come back complaining when (and it's *when*, not *if) you've been bitten in a show.

Of course, the other option is to have a wired connection, which is the most reliable, and can be direct into the mixer. But I get the feeling you'll be even less interested in that.
Thanks Alec, - hahaha, no I'm not the type that complains about an issue that I have been given advice about but choose to go another way. That is all on me! I just kick myself in the butt and get on with whatever works!

The confusing thing here is I have read stories of users that have had no issues with using the internal (albeit with WEP enabled) - the line being what punters are going to go out to a show and deliberately try and sabotage it? In which case, well, regardless of what you do those folks are going to be determined enough to [email protected]#k you up no matter what hahaha!

I really understand what folks are saying with the external router thing, and I am sure there is a lot of truth in it as well. I have a couple of spare ones here I can use if necessary, and indeed I tried using one but could not get the LAN to work with it! Hell I could not even log in to the router settings, without it needing a live internet connection. So I thought, well, I have the internal working with a passcode, my needs are pretty modest so I will run with the internal for now, under caution that it may glitch - and see how much that really affects my personal setup and gigs I do.

I do, however, really appreciate the time you took to respond! Thanks