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Do the in-ears have to be wireless, or can at least some band members use wired ones? Drummers and usually keyboard players don't tend to wander about the stage much.

I don't know if it is what you're doing now, but it is very, very hard--I'd say practically impossible--to make a good house mix from the stage because what you hear in the monitors is by intention quite different than the house sound. In-ears only compound that difficulty.

Wireless in-ears monitor systems are often dual channel (i.e. stereo) and many have a mode for dual mono operation the receivers, so a single transmitter can send out two independent mono mixes and each receiver set to give one or the other or the two mixed together in varying proportions. Any number of receivers can be tuned to one transmitter, and of course share the same stereo or dual mono mix.

One decent option to consider is the Behringer digital mixer systems. Their little personal monitor mixers are relatively affordable and any number of them can be interconnected together to supply however many monitor mixers are needed. The X18 is the smallest and least expensive of their mixers that can drive this system.