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Mixers and Monitors

Hi all -

I apologise in advance - this is probably the most noob question ever posted on here!

I'm in a six piece rock band. We have come to the conclusion that we need to mix and monitor properly (who'd have thought it!). We do currently have two mixers - a huge antiquated 24 track dining table sized affair that is OK for when we have a gig at a larger place or an a stage (but a bugger to lug about), and a little 6 channel Behringer that I bought from a car boot sale. The latter is absolutely fine when space is at a premium - as it is in some of the pubs we play - and we just use it for the vocals!

What we are considering is something between the two, and mic'ing up the guitars/bass - we would also put the keyboard through the PA. Mic'ing at least the bass drum as well. (Is that sensible?). One of the reasons is that we do have some large floor monitors that we use at larger places. Frankly they are poor and are too large for small venues (with the six of us, the large desk and the floor monitors, the audience would have to go in the other bar at some of our gigs!). If we could reduce the size (and weight..) of the various amps we have to take and use the PA to provide much of the volume that would also be a bonus!

So - four vocal mics, 2 x guitar, 1 x bass, 1 x keyboard, 1 x bass drum. That's nine. But potentially if we want to use it for a bit of live recording in the future we would have to mic the drums up properly - so we are considering some sort of 16 channel mixer rather than buying a 12 channel and regretting it later. Again is that sensible?

Also, we'd like to get rid of the floor monitors, so are considering wireless in-ears. Can someone explain how that works in words of one syllable? As I understand it, you take the signal from the Aux Out on the mixer. Most of those I have quickly looked at seem to have two aux outs. So I guess we could plug a transmitter into each of those and then have (for example) three receivers tuned to each one? That would mean that these were only two different mixes available (again, I presume!) - but otherwise you'd have to have a mixer with six aux outs and to buy six transmitters?

Any pointers on any of this would be very helpful before I dive off to Ebay and buy something completely unsuitable! We aren't making a living from playing, just enough to cover the cost of rehearsals, and do it for fun rather than anything else - so we won't spend a fortune on this. Any recommendations that are on the 'budget' side would be warmly welcomed.

Many thanks in advance - Jon