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Hey !

Short scale bass or semi hollow(hofner, surf bass) . With flat wound strings. Palmed when played with a pick. Sounds compressed a bit with 1176.

You can do it.
I'm playing bass since more than 30 years and this is one of my favourite sounds that I use a lot. Young Moon is correct. Flat wounds and a pick are the most important ingredients. Mute with your palm or put some foam under the strings close to the bridge. If you mute, it sounds very good playing finger style or with your thumb instead of a pick. The older Precisions and the American Vintage Series had a bit of foam pressing against the strings under the bridge cover. Jazz Basses had special mutes for strings. Don't let anyone tell you that you can mimic flat wounds with old roundwounds or just turning the treble down. I rather slap with flats than mute-pick with rounds.