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Old 12th November 2019
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USB Ground Loops / Digital Interference

When my speakers are plugged into my interface and I am monitoring the audio inputs, I get this digital interference / usb ground loop, can hear the mouse moving - even harddrives/fans moving.

I can record clean audio signals from my mic and synths by monitoring through headphones with my speakers unplugged from my interface, but when I want to just record my Minilogue with speakers on, the noise/interference is there - and in the recording.

I bought and tried a High-Speed USB Isolator from hifimediy to no avail (it couldn't even power the Babyface). I have lifted a power cable ground going to a speaker with no difference. I have tried plugging everything but my PC into a power conditioner - no difference.

This is really quite a maddening issue, has anyone solved something similar?

Thanks in advance for reading.

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