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Sounds like you're on a solid path!

I really love the HILO, solid workhorse, but haven't tried it against anything other than an Apollo MKII Twin and an Old FW Ensemble in the last 5-6 years. It's obviously a little more open/detailed with better imaging than those two units. I've used an early model Symphony at a local tracking studio years ago and liked it...had more of a "tone" vs the HILO...subtle mid-range color or something. I think there's always going to be shortcomings with any equipment, maybe one converter represents lows or highs better or imaging is wider, deeper, and more engaging on another...but we're also adaptable. Demo what you can, but also know that once you're in a range of quality, there's lots of great options, pick something that feels right and ticks the most needs for you and learn how to work with it.

Again, since you're already familiar with the "Focal" sound, I'd go with the Trio 6BE of your listed options.

I haven't used the Tegeler unit, but I can't speak highly enough about the Silver Bullet. I recently sold mine and miss it, but am going through some life/business changes and am letting go of quite a few pieces. Of all the outboard I've owned over the years, the Silver Bullet is the one I would pick if I could only have one piece to augment digital options. Lots of tonal range in the saturation section and the filters and shelves are well chosen/react amazingly well with most any source material. I often would choose it over an outboard compressor/eq combo or multiple plugins trying to create some vibe, like tape emulation, saturation etc...I could just get where I wanted more easily. I hear you on buying out of country, potentially a lot of hassle. With the SB, I'm sure if you weren't thrilled it would be easy to sell in your area with little loss financially.
I totally agree with you, about gear we adapt quickly and one unit can compliment another one's shortcomings so you never know especially when we talk about such minor details. I'll make up my mind and by the end of this month I will have my first gear.

I might wait and go for the SB at the end as I loved what I've heard from it and everybody seems to love it. I hope all the changes you are going through are going to end up good for you, and for the better.

Thanks for your useful advice, you know sometimes all we need is some dialogue to realise better our needs and externalise our thoughts so we can see more clear.