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Thank you for making an already great product even better!

I personally love using limited choice eq plugins for their quick and creative workflow and usually run SlickEQ in stepped mode

I know SlickEQ isn't trying to be an emulation of anything but I thought it would be awesome to have the option of using stepped EQ frequencies that represent the EQ Model chosen with real world hardware inspired choices.

For example:

With BRITISH EQ Mode selected and the option of EQ Frequency matching on.

The HF would have the neve (1073/1081/1084) inspired steps of 10k, 12k, 16k
The LF 33, 35, 56, 60, 100, 110, 180, 330
MF... well, you get the idea

The others EQ Models would follow in a similar manner : American (550a) German (W295b) etc.

It would also be amazing and very useful to be able to set the level of the volume steps to 0.5, 1 or 2 dB
I like this idea, although I just usually end up doing the same thing manually. You could go even farther and restrict the high shelf to 2db steps a la Helios.

But.... I also like having the very tiny steps for mastering purposes.